About the Band

In the summer of 2022, a chance encounter between longtime friends Lee and Red at Red's studio sparked a new musical direction. Inspired by a desire to break free from the stifling effects of COVID lockdowns and restrictions, they yearned for a renewed sense of strength and creativity. With a shared passion for creating original material and a fresh perspective, they set out to form a band unlike anything they had done before. Red, having spent the lockdown period experimenting with old-school drum sounds, basslines, and gritty guitars in his studio, played a selection of tracks for Lee. What Lee heard was an "amalgam" of garage rock, influenced by iconic bands spanning from the '60s to the late '90s. Lee couldn't help but agree that these tracks deserved to be recorded by a band. He was truly excited by the music, which captured the essence of vintage garage rock but presented it in a distinctive and contemporary manner.

After the initial listening session, plans were set in motion to bring the band to life. Lee would take on the role of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, while Red would take charge of lead guitar duties. It was decided that the band would be a quartet, and the next step involved finding like-minded musicians to join them on bass and drums. This process proved challenging, as they sought individuals who not only shared their musical vision but also possessed previous band experience. The aim was to create a band that produced original music, driven by their own influences while developing a unique character that would resonate with listeners.

By early autumn 2022, decisions were made, and two musicians whom Lee and Red knew from their past journeys in the Athenian underground scene were invited to jam with them. Gabriel R., formerly of Vibratore Bizarro and Headquake, took on the bass duties, while Fivos Flat, known for his work with The Same River and One Man Drop, joined as the drummer and percussionist. These four musicians, with their extensive experience and shared history within the Greek music scene, embarked on a collaborative project together for the first time. As lyrics were added and rehearsals commenced, the band's vision began to take shape.

Their goal now set on recording an album for release in 2023, Diesel Cindy sought a studio that could cater to their specific needs and capture the sound they envisioned. They found the perfect fit in AUX Recording Studio, located in Athens' Exarchia area. Owned by Yotis Paraskevaidis, who also served as a sound engineer, and assisted by Kimonas Vlachakis, both accomplished professionals and musicians with extensive recording experience, AUX Studio became the key to shaping Diesel Cindy's debut album. Embracing a semi-analog recording approach, utilizing a vintage console and tape recorder reminiscent of the old days, the band's sound engineer, Kimonas, along with Yotis as a sound consultant, worked closely with the band during the recording sessions, which took place from November to February. The final touch came with the mastering of the recordings at VU Productions Studio in Pireaus Athens, handled by Nasos Nomikos.

During the long winter nights spent at AUX Studio, the band often found themselves unwinding at the VOX bar on Koleti Street in the Exarchia district, where important decisions were made over drinks on the bar's benches. It was there that they settled on the album's name, "Spill The Dirt," after one of the featured songs. Being part of the underground scene in Greece meant shouldering numerous responsibilities, but Diesel Cindy was fortunate to have good friends who stepped up to assist them. Peg Leg Green (DE) took on the roles of the band's official photographer, album graphic designer, and coordinator, while the album's front cover illustration was created by Dekel Hevroni (ISR). George Zachos designed the band's official webpage.
By the end of May 2023, after an exciting journey, Diesel Cindy proudly signed with Sound Effect Records, one of Greece's most respected independent record labels. Their hard work and dedication to their craft paid off, culminating in the arrangement of a 12" vinyl album release scheduled for November of the same year. The members of Diesel Cindy cherish the moments, both joyful and challenging, shared with their bandmates on this marvelous musical journey. They understand that it is these moments that become the band's history. As they look back, they can confidently say, "Oh, it has been an incredible ride." Diesel Cindy is now on the right track, ready to captivate audiences with their unique sound and story.
Diesel Cindy